Today's release has much improved our spam handling: You can now drag & drop emails to the Spam folder. The below pop-up will ask you if you'd like to help us train our anti-spam system. 😎 Together we will fight spam and make Tutanota the perfect email service! 😍πŸ’ͺ

If we send spam messages as positive samples for the spam training and keep the legit correspondence private, what is going to be the negative samples pool? Thank you.

@jdoe Only the messages that you move to the spam folder will be sent to the server - if you click yes. You can also click no if you prefer.

I understand that and am not worried about privacy aspect at this point. You guys are doing great protecting your users' privacy. I'm genuinely curious how did you solve representativeness skew in the training data. Users are going to give you "spam" samples using this feature. Where do you get the "ham" (not spam) samples?

@jdoe Now I understand! You mean in case of false positives? I'll check with the developers!


@jdoe We're not collecting 'ham' at the moment as we do not want to see your legit emails for privacy reasons. You can whitelist the senders via spam rules.

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