In December 2017 we have released an innovative tool that lets you search your encrypted emails and contacts easily and securely. 😎 By now, you can search your Tutanota emails on all clients. We hope you like it!

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Would love it if you implemented another innovative tool that allows the user to save emails offline.

@Tutanota You guys should push the fact that you run entirely on green energy more! I only recently learned about it, and it's a huge deal to me and a lot of other people. I really respect that.

@esbern Thanks for your feedback. We're glad you noticed. 😀

@esbern @Tutanota Thanks for the feedback. That's so natural for us that we don't think it's a big deal. Similarly to that we just replaced plastic tape with paper-based tape for the shipping boxes.

@Tutanota Talking about that innovative, I and the community (I suppose) are happy for that, but the search engine finds only the exact word that we type. I mean if I remember only a part of the word in an email, no results are shown. That’s kind of diminishing the purpose of a search tool.

Example: In my mail “Preposterous”, I search by typing “prepos”, I will not find that mail. I must type the entire word.

@stubbornphoenix Thanks for your feedback. We will see how we can improve this in the future!

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