If you don't want to be influenced, you need privacy! Researchers warned that "a new form of influence government, which uses sensitive personal data to craft campaigns aimed at altering behavior has been supercharged by the rise of big tech firms."

@Tutanota Remember that without freedom in your computer, you cannot have privacy or security, or control over your information and that with control over your own life. use free software exclusively is necessary for this, use the gnu operating system with linux to hear a computer free, etc. you can visit the page and for more information. Free as in Freedom
#userfreedom #gnu

@Tutanota I think the article forgets to mention the biggest threat of influence government: "influencing" people away from ideologies that challenge the status quo, thus killing democracy.

Someone on a podcast was talking about this #ManagedDemocracy.

Its part of the reason we don't appreciate #streamingServices that learn what a person is watching — #advertisers can target people using #tropes they are familiar with from such #films and #television series they've watched.

Thus the citizen loses #freeThought.

Its been going on for such a long time though. Started in the 1970 with the #focusGroup and #pushPolling.

#democracy #elections


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