Today is

Let this be a sign to anyone still using "Password" or "12345" to change passwords and enable 2fa. 😎


Ich gehe davon aus, passwörter wie 12345 oder qwertz123 gehen bei euch prinzipiell nicht !!!!



gut, spricht für euch. :blobheart:

bei vielen leider nicht so natürlich gucke mal bei GMX, Amazone und Co....


und Crunchyroll der größte Anime Streaming dienst der Welt, noch nicht mal 2FA. !!! :god_no:

aber vielleicht ja irgendwann ???

Bye. :blobwave:

@Tutanota I forgot my password and security key *a while ago* , unable to login.. should I just open a new account? 🤔

@pabloitse @Tutanota The password I don't recall, the key is saved in a note but doesn't seem to work when I use it to unlock my account 🤷

@Tutanota How’d you know my Password? I’m joking, this is a great reminder. Do you guys have a favorite password manager you’d like to share?

@Tutanota mine are so complicated that without my computer and internet connection I’m doomed. There has to be a better way.

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