The EU Commission is planning automatic CSAM scanning of your private communication – or total surveillance in the name of child protection. This would be the worst surveillance apparatus outside of China, and completely disproportionate. Affected would be all communication providers, also when operating outside of Europe. We must fight against this draft to protect our privacy! 💪💪💪

@Tutanota How would client-side scanning work on FOSS OSes? Given how easy software copy-protection is to circumvent, how would it even work (reliably) on closed-source OSes? I get that protecting children is not the aim, what I'm asking about is what would something like this look like once implemented?

@Tutanota His closing point is on the money. There's no such thing as a back door only for the good guys. And who defines the "good guys"?

@yichalal @Tutanota The article uses the acronym “CSAM” without expanding or defining it. It’s a good practice to spell out an acronym at its 1st occurance in an article. I have no idea what CSAM is & there isn’t enough context to really know.

@Tutanota @yichalal It was interesting to read that 47.3% of German telecom surveillance targets drug offenses, and 0.1% for child abuses. Seems evident that child protection is just being used as a /cover for action/.

@expat Thanks for your feedback, will add this to the post. It's Child Sexual Abuse Material.

@mrk Fortunately we have legal encryption ...yet

@Tutanota Time for a “Finnegan’s Wake” bot. Feed them infinite James Joyce spam.

@Tutanota I hope this plan NEVER ends up materialising!! It's well-intentioned, but an incredibly stupid idea.

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