Dutch schools must stop using Google's email and cloud services due to privacy concerns. To protect pupil's privacy, we recommend schools to switch to Tutanota, your privacy-first email service, made in Europe. 😉

@Tutanota I urgently need an alternative to Google Drive (free). Could you recommend me something?


ja bitte schön

empfehle es weiter

und noch etwas zu WhatsApp.


@GustavoM Okay, thank you for the help. :blobcat: The problem (for now) is that it does not have an application of any kind for devices. 😅

@jeremystartm @GustavoM Okay, thank you for the help. :blobcat: The problem (for now) is that it does not have an application of any kind for devices. 😅

@vdanieruz @GustavoM No problem. Yeah, ProtonDrive is a very service of Proton, it probably gets desktop and/or mobile applications in a few months.

@vdanieruz @Tutanota New Zealand based MEGA ( give you 20gb with a free account.

@runoutgroover @Tutanota I am not going to lie to you, I did not expect this recommendation. But is it really secure and decentralized? Sorry for my ignorance but I don't know much, being something so commercial I never saw it as a sure possibility.

@vdanieruz @Tutanota I’m no security expert, but everything is stored encrypted and it seems very secure. I don’t know how decentralised it is. What I can tell you is it’s easy to set up and use and has native clients for every os.

@vdanieruz @Tutanota depends on your use case and purpose. nextcloud is a natural alternative. but syncthing is a different way to deal with files that could also be attractive if you don't need them on the cloud to save space.

there is also, which comes with an office suite akin to gdrive.

@Beiz @Tutanota Thank you very much, I will investigate what you recommended.

@vdanieruz @Tutanota I use, everything is e2ee afaik, but it is located in Canada.

@vdanieruz @Tutanota maybe @murena ? or build your own server with Nextcloud and Raspberry Pi.

@nima @Tutanota @murena Thanks for the recommendation, I'll investigate. As for NextCloud I don't have the resources to make my own server. :BlobhajSadReach:

@vdanieruz @Tutanota @murena same here, I'm to lazy 🙂

Try, it's a good and user-friendly alternative to google drive, one drive or icloud.

There are also a lot of Dutch schools using Office365.
I hope that will face the same fate.

@Tutanota it only matters if they also prevent microsoft, apple, etc. services :/

@Tutanota hm. please correct me if i am wrong, afaik, Tutanota has no IMAP and does not support the freedom of selecting a client.
i do not think, this aligns nicely with educational purposes.
compared to gmail, that would even be a step backwards in this part.

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