Microsoft blocks Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change it. This demonstrates why stronger antitrust legislation is badly needed. Let's 💪👇

@Tutanota wait but doesn’t google services like the play store also not allow non-gmail accounts? Like I understand the anti-trust issue but this is just how is with almost every company and not just Microsoft.

@edendestroyer @Tutanota I’m pretty sure they allow other services like Apple does

@nebulafoss @Tutanota I'm not sure google does so, given that it needs gmail for play store and YouTube AFAIK

@edendestroyer @Tutanota My tutanota e-mail adress is working on Google services.

@edendestroyer @Tutanota You can use Google services without a Gmail inbox. What you described might be how it was before. Now when you sign up to Google services, you'll be prompted to create a Gmail account, but can click a button to use one you already have. In the screenshot, there's a "Use my current email address instead" button.

@Tutanota I've encountered this with many privacy focussed addresses. It is antitrust.

@Tutanota Meanwhile you obviously deleted an account i created via tor a few days ago. Speaking of #Fight4Privacy ...

Don't blame others while you behave similar.

@markus Please contact us and we'll look into this:

@Tutanota THX for this offer, i really appreciate this and it shows that you care. But the point in creating an account via Tor is, that there is next to no chance to connect it somehow with me in RL. So, you see, i can't contact you to solve the issue without sacrificing this level of anonymity.

I won't misuse the account, i swear. I just want a total anonymous email account. I am sure one of my tries will succeed. I also get why you just can't keep around every new account, no worries.


@Tutanota if a pro user wants to share a tutanota calendar he can only share with another tutanota pro user. not to mention another service provider. Isn't this kind of the same?

@istatos @Tutanota
Not really: Who wants to open a well encryptet calender to a data collecting system?

@u_urban @Tutanota I think encryption is just an excuse for this. You cannot even share the calendar with a free tutanota user.

@istatos No, this is to keep the data securely encrypted. We are thinking about sharing the data externally as well, but this needs to be handled carefully so that people do not 'publish' their data by accident.

@Tutanota Well I hope you find the way cause otherwise I have the feeling that the sharing feature will be useful for a very limited number of people (probably only companies that decided to get the team package). At least you could allow a premium user to share with a non premium.
That way encryption is secured, it makes sense for someone to buy the feature, as he will be able to share at least with someone.

@Tutanota While we need stronger legislation we also need to raise awareness. Companies are forcing us to use MS teams at work, universities are forcing us to use Google docs, etc. etc. If general population doesn't even understand why we need this legislated, we'll never get there

@Tutanota that's absolutely ridiculous! Best bet for us Tutanota users is to register for teams with a Microsoft account. Microsoft needs to be hit by an antitrust lawsuit

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