Privacy is power. 💪💪💪 What are your favorite privacy-first apps? Here are some recommendations (in case you are still using Google):

Summer at Tutanota. 😎 Would you like to join our team? Then check our open positions:
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Let's fight for privacy together!

Tutanota is the secure mailbox that puts your privacy first. When did you quit Gmail?

Apple & Google track you, no matter how hard you try: "Both iOS and Google Android transmit telemetry, despite the user explicitly opting out of this. iOS sends the MAC addresses of nearby devices, e.g. other handsets and the home gateway, to Apple together with their GPS location. Users have no opt out from this and currently there are few, if any, realistic options for preventing this data sharing."

Take a look at this world map of encryption. What are your thoughts? For Germany, we can say for sure that end-to-end encryption is safe. But we need to fight for as pressure to backdoor encryption is increasing around the world. Take action now:

Big Tech monopolies abuse our rights, distort our democracy, and exploit workers — just because they can. Now, US Congress has a once-in-a-generation shot to rein them in. Help us fight for privacy & act now:

Targeted advertising causes much more than creepy ads, it is responsible for the worst privacy problems on the internet today. That's why we say: Ban targeted ads!

Get ready for the weekend with our bestseller: "Dance like no one's watching. Encrypt like everyone is." 🥳😀🎉 Now 20% off: (change the domain ending to your country code!)

Why a social credit system is so scary. China's Social Credit System is both unique and part of a global trend. Check out how social credits can affect you:

The desktop clients now support offline access for emails, calendars, and contacts. Now we have started to bring this feature also to the mobile apps. Stay tuned! 😎

This week it's ice cream Thursday. Happy greetings from the Tutanota team! 😄😎

Today we have released offline access to the calendars and contacts. Check it out with our desktop clients! 😎 Here is more information on why we only use the desktop clients internally:

🥁 We are giving a lightning talk at the upcoming on "Encryption saves lives: Stories from the frontline with Secure Connect from Tutanota"! 🥁 Check the program and start building your schedule for this year’s summit. Let's meet here! 😀👇

How long have you had your Gmail, your Yahoo or your Hotmail/Outlook account? Five, ten, even 15 years? It's time to make a fresh start and take back your privacy! 💪😀 Here is why. 👇

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