In some US States, abortions are now a crime. Encryption becomes vital to protect private information in a post-Roe America. We explain how you can protect your private data:

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Privacy is power. 💪💪💪 What are your favorite privacy-first apps? Here are some recommendations (in case you are still using Google):

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Let's fight for privacy together!

In 2021 publishers and shops have started to use cookieless tracking.

It's based on your email & login info, so you should know about it. You are even tracked without login.

But you can easily stop being profiled and tracked! Here is how. 😎💪👇

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TikTok is a data mining machine. It allows China to "see everything". 🧐🧐🧐

Better quit and protect your private data; start with email. 💪😎

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