@sudo Please try to load the entire folder by scrolling to the end. This should fix the counter.

Sneak peek: We are currently working on minimizing email compose windows in Tutanota. Stay tuned! 🥳😀

@Gamercat Is it a free account? Unfortunately, without the recovery code, there is no way to reset the password...

@wisemonkey @DCLXVI VPNs needs to be blocked occasionally as spammers try to abuse these connections...

@wisemonkey @DCLXVI Could you try with a different connection? Possibly the connection is the issue.

One big part of email security is to spot phishing attempts easily. Tutanota has several layers of protection against phishing emails. Check our guide to make sure you never fall for a phishing attempt: tutanota.com/blog/posts/how-to

Russian site Meduza investigates how Navalny supporters end up on FSB lists after the hacking of activist sites: meduza.io/feature/2021/05/11/t

If you weren't convinced yet, this is a perfect example why we must be able to register an email address anonymously: tutanota.com/blog/posts/anonym

@paulfree14 We started getting reports yesterday afternoon, but if you were effected you would have received some error from outlook.

Due to a bug in Outlook, Tutanota users were not able to forward emails to Outlook 365. If you were affected by this, please try again as it seems like Microsoft has fixed the issue now.

@Mehrad @scylla None of them are related

First is about PHP servers
Second is not describing the vector at all
Third is about delivering malware hidden inside image file which is not something new.

We block external images for privacy purposes, not for security ones.
If you don't trust your browser to correctly render images then you should disable all of them.

@malin You can use multi-select to export. We plan to improve this in the near future.

Fighting for your right to privacy since 2011. 😎 ❤ Enjoy your Sunday and stay secure with Tutanota! 😉

Face recognition systems use your online pictures for training purposes. These AI systems are much more potent than what surveillance-dystopians like Orwell might have imagined in their worst nightmares. Fortunately, new tools help you to stop facial recognition.

Tutanota has an amazing new feature: Email templates. Check out how templates let you answer lots of email requests with a few clicks only! 😀👇

@jrballesteros05 @stnert @satur Bounces may come late as the server tries to re-send the email multiple times (depending on the other side's error message) before giving up.

@jrballesteros05 @stnert @satur Tutanota was not offline, you can check the status here: status.tutanota.com/ Mails in Tutanota are delivered instantly - you can test this with internal mails. However, if mails are coming from the outside, we do not have power over the sending side. In case you are missing emails completely, please check under Spam and Settings - General Settings - Rejected email senders.

@cevado No, that's not planned. If you want this feature, we recommend using a custom domain.

@ad Thanks for the recommendation, it's much appreciated! 😍

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. @Tutanota offers a fully encrypted, ad-free mailbox to protect our right to #privacy. With automatic encryption we can share #emails as securely as sending sealed letters. Finally our data belongs only to us, no-one else can access it.

Tutanota is free of charge with 1 GB of free storage included. In addition, it is #opensource: github.com/tutao/tutanota

Join Tutanota now: mail.tutanota.com/signup

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