We've pushed out a release with small improvements such as improving auto-sync after sleep modus. Check out more: github.com/tutao/tutanota/mile

@noboya It's possible, best get in touch with their tech support. We'll do the same!

Surveillance is all around us. But one of its worst examples is China's social credit system.

@zidanpragata Let us know here, we're always curious to hear feedback! :)

Privacy is a Human Right that we must fight for around the world. 💪😀 Check here why privacy matters: tutanota.com/blog/posts/data-p

Do you search Google? Or does Google search you? To keep your emails private, switch from Gmail to Tutanota now. 😀💪 Here we explain why Tutanota is a great Gmail alternative: tutanota.com/gmail-alternative

@citizenK4te Prinzipiell ja, aber wir haben derzeit so viel zu tun, dass das leider keine Priorität hat.

@JasonHK Thanks for your feedback. Pull-to-refresh is not necessary as new emails are pushed to your mailbox instantly. We plan to support conversation view in the future.

@nipos That's possible, but currently there's no other way as we still have to fend off DoS attacks, also coming via Tor.

@citizenK4te Leider läuft auch ein Teil auf dem Server und der ist noch nicht veröffentlicht...

We're celebrating six years of open source: tutanota.com/blog/posts/tutano 😀🥳 By publishing the client code as open source, others can verify that we protect your privacy with built-in encryption. We even use our own captcha & push to not depend on any Google service. 😀

Have you watched Hanna explain how email encryption works in Tutanota? Are there other Tutanota features you have questions about? Share your ideas so we can prepare the next video! 🙂

@rbn93 Vielen Dank, freut uns, dass die Problematik gehör bekommt!

@citizenK4te Danke für dein Feedback, was wären denn deine Vorschläge?

Single sign-on is not only convenient, it also comes with a lot of security risks: wired.com/story/single-sign-on
Instead, use a password manager like KeePass, and look out for Google alternatives whenever possible. Here are some recommendations: tutanota.com/blog/posts/how-to 😀💪

We have received a lot of feedback these last few weeks, mostly positive. So we'd like to take a moment and say: Thank YOU! ♥️🙌
Thank you for sticking with Tutanota. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your encouraging comments - and also for your criticism. You motivate us to transform Tutanota into the best secure email service possible. So, thank you! 😀💪

With last week's updates, we've improved the speed of Tutanota a lot. We feel like it's at least twice as fast. Hope you feel it, too. 😃🥳

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