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Facebook & Google are trying to depict themselves as the new defenders of privacy. But upon closer inspection, it's just marketing:

We've achieved a lot in the last few months. 😃
✅ published the encrypted calendar
✅ added U2F support for Firefox
✅ added double-tap to zoom in the apps
✅ activated compression to save storage
Check here what we've done already and what is coming soon:

Have you heard of vishing? It's voice-phishing for passwords. Here's a pro tip to prevent this: Don't say your password out loud. 😉

To learn how to protect your secure mailbox from phishing attacks read our guide:

Vitor has just joined our team! He will help us develop Tutanota faster and make your secure emails even more amazing. 🎉😃

Compression has been activated! We're giving you virtual free storage of 10 GB. 😃🎉

Google in 2010: We know what you're thinking about.

Google in 2019: We're all about privacy now.

Feels good to be a trendsetter. 😄

Tutanota is blocked in Egypt. To circumvent such censorship, use a VPN or the Tor browser:

Check out our new pricing calculator! It lets you easily check how you can scale your secure Tutanota mailbox: 😉🎉

Tech giants like Facebook and Google try to satisfy rising privacy concerns with new features and policies. But do they really protect our privacy? Let's find out!

California-based game company Blizzard bans pro esports player and confiscates his prize money after he voices support for Hong Kong protesters:
This shows once again why we must keep fighting for freedom of speech. As consumers, we can show companies that values matter. Leave big tech behind and choose services that respect you and your right to privacy and freedom of speech:

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Since 2001 the empowers software users to exert control over the technology that is so deeply involved in every aspect of our lives today.

We need you to continue spreading software freedom in Europe!

Tutanota is blocked in Egypt. This shows that we must keep fighting for our right to privacy and freedom of speech! ✊

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