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Occasionally, users report that they can't register with some forums with their Tutanota address. As Tutanota grows, this will resolve itself. Here are some tips how to resolve this now!

Today we submitted a pitch together with Tim Verheyden at with the title "Ok Google, are you listening?" Wish us luck! 😀🎉

Old or new? Do you prefer the old dark theme or the new one? Design feedback is also welcome via the comments! 😃 Thank you. 😍

Our founder Arne reveals on the Vivaldi blog the true extent of online tracking, as well as how to stop the unlimited data mining. 😃✊

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Very nicely written in simple English and layman terms - will help understand why online privacy is important and what are the long term consequences of not shielding your online privacy.

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I've been using and loving #LineageOS on my phone for a while now. My must-have apps: @fdroidorg @Tutanota, @fedilab, @riotchat, @TwidereProject, @Telegram, @OpenVPN, @Firefox, #SlideForReddit

Well, the tech we build definitely reflects our values! 😃😍
We build Tutanota to fight mass surveillance and protect your right to privacy. ✊ Because privacy matters:

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@Tutanota SUPER impressed by your new Android interface!! Just updated via @fdroidorg and boy is it every sharp!

Five years ago, we released Tutanota. With your help we've achieved a lot so far:
✅ Rebuilt email client to achieve great speed and design
✅ Published an F-Droid app
✅ Made Tutanota completely Google-free
✅ Published desktop clients
✅ Turned Tutanota into a green email service
✅ Added an encrypted search feature
✅ Added an encrypted calendar
Much more is to come in the future, stay tuned. 😃🎉

The email service Superhuman lets every user track their recipients without permission. This erosion of privacy must not continue. Instead, we have to demand a better way, an ethical way:

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The fresh New dark theme is just perfect. Thanks a lot for your work

We have interviewed Istvan Lam of Tresorit about their latest poll on encryption backdoors. Here's what he said:

: We're currently working on calendar reminders for the desktop client. ✊ Check here why the desktop clients are the most secure way to access Tutanota:

Two employees have been charged with spying for , they are accused of exploiting their access to Twitter’s systems:

That's why we need zero-knowledge applications with built-in encryption. Employees must not read your data.

Last week, users asked us that hitting enter should accept an entered 2FA code. Shortly after, this improvement was done. We try to listen to you as much as possible, thanks for the constant stream of feedback! 😍

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Want to show your love for ? Looking for a new profile picture? Check out the nice by @fossasap:

And don't forget to equip yourself with our nice stickers, posters and balloons: : )


"I am very impressed, to the point where I could recommend these people without reservation." - What an awesome review by Steve Gibson in his podcast. 😃😍🎉

A vulnerability in WhatsApp was abused to install surveillance malware on phones of journalists and human rights activists. To make sure that potential vulnerabilities are found quickly, the code must be open source. That's why all Tutanota clients - web, apps, desktop clients - are published under GPLv3.

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