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The Tutanota Calendar is our first step to a full collaboration suit. Check out how you can share your calendar! 😍👇

Email encryption used to be really hard. Today, there are lots of options to encrypt emails and more and more people are using them. 😃🎉😎 Check here why email encryption is more widely used than ever:

Imagine someone asked you: Give me your email login, your Facebook login, etc.. Would you deny? If so, it's time to quit tracking corporations like Google & Facebook. Let's fight against surveillance capitalism. ✊😃

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Last summer we published our fully encrypted calendar. Now we are working hard on adding features like invites, shared team calendars, a widget, and more. Stay tuned! 😃 🎉

Open source is at the ♥️ of Tutanota. This way we make sure that Tutanota is absolutely free of any Google services, even our captcha and our Android app:

New year, better privacy: Social services are mainly tracking machines. Happy to see you've already joined us here on @Mastodon BTW: If you share this post with your friends, they'll find an invite link to Mastodon. 😉

Today is the day: Our founder Matthias Pfau and Prof. Sascha Fahl explain how you can use the Internet more securely. Join us tonight at Leibniz University:

Online services and even some politicians are trying to force people to use their clear name online. This is a severe threat, it would open the door for stalking, identity theft, and more. Here's why :

Learn and discuss about security with Tutanota! Come to Leibniz University Hanover on Thursday at 7 pm and discuss with Prof. Sacha Fahl and our founder Matthias:

Tutanota offers secure emails for everyone. Businesses benefit from great features and fair prices: 😀

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Today's act of kindness: I helped two victims of surveillance (mainstream users) with some basic privacy:

Google search > DuckDuckGo
Chrome > Firefox + uBlock Origin
Gmail > @Tutanota
Minimize number of apps

Simple actions that cuts a big chunk of surveillance. As usual they were surprised how it works.

This sounds like an Orwellian nightmare: Clearview AI's software can find matches in billions of internet images. We have to keep fighting for our right to privacy. ✊

We've moved to new offices to make room for more developers. Interested?! Let's make the web more secure, step by step! 💪 😀

Human Rights are increasingly being violated:
If you are a journalist reporting about get in touch. We're donating Secure Connect to journalists so that whistleblowers can easily contact you securely:

We've pushed out a bug fix release with some minor improvements, e.g. added a shortcut for Forward and Move. Read details here:

Thanks to rdvincent and padawin, you can soon launch event locations in @openstreetmap directly from within the Tutanota calendar. 😃🥳

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