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Apple's iOS 15 will scan iPhone photos. This "new system, regardless of how anyone tries to justify it, will permanently redefine what belongs to you, and what belongs to them." Fighting for privacy has become more important than ever. 💪

Automated ad displays enable shady players on the web not only display their content to targeted audiences, it even helps them make money and build a whole business based on sensationalism and fake news.

Your Tutanota mailbox comes with lots of features. Are you already making use of them all?

✅ send encrypted emails to anyone
✅ a fully encrypted calendar
✅ desktop clients for Linux, Windows & Mac OS
✅ shortcuts (view them by pressing F1
✅ smart filters (inbox rules)
✅ full-text search
✅ spam rules that include allowing all emails
✅ two-factor authentication

Great news: Tutanota has just been updated! 🥳🎉
Tutanota now
✅ starts faster in the apps
✅ supports sorting contacts by last name

And we've fixed the iOS crash on startup - the iOS app will go live tomorrow!

Apple is going to scan your pictures for harmful content. Here we explain how this affects your privacy online:

Tutanota offers true end-to-end encryption and not encryption that will "allow companies to read and analyze data while keeping it encrypted to protect information from cybersecurity dangers and to maintain privacy." Just say 'No!' to Big Tech!

How much is your biometric information worth? According to Amazon, indefinite usage of your palm print data merits a meager $10 credit... 🤢

Is that really the site you think it is? Malicious DNS servers may send you to fake websites to steal your login credentials! You can learn more about protecting your privacy online in this article:

Mozilla's new Facebook Container seems to be confused. 🤔 Tutanota does not share any data with Facebook or other big tech companies!

Tutanota is proud to sponsor Alles ist Eins. Ausser der 0. A new film about the beginnings of the Chaos Computer Club and their influence on digital society. 🎉

Tutanota is the only encrypted email provider that lets you search your entire mailbox. 😎🥳 Here we explain why searching encrypted data is special:

Summer is so much brighter with ice cream - and with a secure mailbox. Try it out for yourself! 😎 Enjoy your Sunday.

Pegasus is a piece of malware - a virus - with the sole purpose to infect mobile devices. The eavesdropping made possible by Pegasus violates laws. Its trade must be banned - just like the trade with nuclear weapons is banned.

We are sponsoring a really cool movie about the beginnings of the Chaos Computer Club and how they influenced the digital society. 😎 Check it out!

We regularly update our collection of Tutanota reviews. We're excited that and informed their readers about our secure email service! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

No one wants to be tracked. But if your business model depends on user tracking, the privacy movement becomes a problem:

Tutanota has always focused on protecting user privacy, even more so we believe that we must all fight for our right to privacy: 💪

How long have you had your Gmail, your Yahoo or your Hotmail/Outlook account? Five, ten, 15 years? It's time to make a fresh start and take back your privacy! 💪 Here is why. 👇

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