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Greetings. I've recently arrived in Mastadon Quadrant and have heard this is a secure space for decloaking. I'm in search of likeminded aliensπŸ‘½, acesπŸ’œ, and trekkiesπŸ––πŸ½. If anyone can assist or guide me, I request passage toward their sectors.

Happy Birthday, Philly! 

@TuvixJaneway I'm going to print this image you have posted at me on every platform, roll it up, and bop you on the nose with it. Also, thank you

Day drinking - brain rambling, really dumb 

Brain: must prepare. must prepare.
Me: I am aware. I'm preparing. Shut up!
Brain: we are forgetting something
Me: Maybe I'll scroll facebook and detatch
Brain: everyone's freaked out-must prepare
Me: I'm gonna have a drink
<has a drink>
Me: Must prepare
Brain: you're drunk
Me: Shut up
Me: Wait, I'm lonely/drunk. Let's think
Brain: must prepare

Vent - Preparing to work from home 

I'm trying to prepare to work from home for a while, get my 4-year-old setup to keep himself occupied while he's out of school (while I try to work), and do some meal prep so I can work as consistently as possible. But it seems that a demon has taken over my child today! He is getting upset over every single little thing, and he's been absolutely intent on preventing me from accomplishing my goals for the weekend.

Covid - Lyrics 

I like that you're Covid
I could be Covid with you

I'm calling out sick today because I have a cough and a mild fever. I would normally work through it because I am a new employee and have not accrued any paid leave. I work 4-10s so this will be 25% of my paycheck this week.

It's really cool to think about how congress at any point in their history including yesterday, or 70 years ago, could have passed manditory, universal paid leave but they just chose not to.

social anxiety (-) 

I feel like an outsider/tourist with whatever group/community/place I find myself, and that's not to say I Believe that that's true every time, but it makes it Extremely hard to know when it isn't.

once we finish ds9 tho we can watch the new season of lost in space so i’m still gonna be getting my space fix (as long as this season is as good as the first)

you ever get that feeling where you wish you could blink your ears?

gender + 

having a lot of good gender feels. feeling validated. love it gonna hold onto this as tight as i can rn πŸ˜­πŸ–€

Conversation with my four-year-old 

For context:

-My four-year-old, Kadence, learned I don't have preferred pronouns on his own just by asking questions.

-My child's father is my ex for many reasons. Nearing the top of the list is his inability to empathize with ideas he can't relate to.

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Conversation with my four-year-old 

Kadence just said, "yes sir. I mean ma'am. Wait, are you a girl or a boy-girl, Mommy?"

I said, "you call me sir or ma'am, booboo. Either one is fine for me."

He said, "you should tell daddy you're a boy-girl, mommy."

I said, "do you think daddy would understand that?"

Kadence said, "wellll.. he thinks you're just a girl. So you should just tell him."

@TuvixJaneway β€œYes, my entire household have always been members of the Church of the SubGenius.”

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