Of all the inventions in the last hundred years, the dry erase board is probably the most remarkable.

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@TuvixJaneway the Ziploc bag means I don't have to have flour and sugar canisters cluttering my tiny kitchen's counter space. Fight me.

@WanderingBeekeeper @TuvixJaneway I didn't even think to do that. I can't change now though. My boyfriend to messy as is. :smug:

@TuvixJaneway they've certainly been very versatile for me. I routinely pack two gallon size in my overnight bag when I travel. I keep my pill minder in one so if a door pops open, the pills won't go far. I keep my hygiene items in one in case I have to pass through the TSA checkpoint. I keep my powdered eggshells in one for fertilizing my tomatoes.

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