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Hey everyone! I decided to move the live stream for This Week in Linux to 1 Hour earlier so from now on it will be 1PM Eastern time on Saturdays. :D

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Tux Digital / the legendary Michael Tunnell: This Week in Linux | Episode 113.

-Red Hat announces their Flatpak Runtime for Desktop Containers.

-Darktable announced the 3.2 release of their Open Source RAW photo editor.

-LibRetro announced the release of RetroArch 1.9.0.

-KDE ships the 20.08 updates for their Application Suite and KDE Neon has been rebased on Ubuntu 20.04.

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DLN's has released the latest episode of with Episode 108! If you want the best source for #Linux #GNews then check it out! 😎👍🐧

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Centralized is a good thing. Decentralized "universal" app format is not a true universal format. Flatpak learned that the hard way.

Most people are unfair to Canonical these days, to be blunt, I think you may just have developed distrust because of the toxicity that has been spread towards them. Canonical has done the most for Desktop Linux than any other company ever yet they always seem to get hostility.

Snap data is usage like downloads and distros used, not user data.
I like and use Snaps. My video was to call out Mint for their posturing and their false claims about Snaps. They claimed a lot of things that are simply not true.

I think Mint is taking advantage of Ubuntu while also yelling at them and that's sleazy.

I don't think my video was clear on my position after watching it again.

So not only do I disagree with Mint, I think Snaps are good overall even with the flaws that are there.

A new episode of has dropped today! Check it out!

On this episode covers,, on Linux, postmarketOS PinePhone and so much more!

#linux #opensource #podcast #gnews is back with another episode (102) of!

On this week's episode of Your Source for Linux GNews: Michael covers 32, 1.0, PopOS, and all of the 20.04 releases for the #Ubuntu Flavours. Don't miss this one!

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Remember @ikey formerly of @SolusProject? Have you been curious what he's been up to?

Then be sure to check out Episode 162 of #DestinationLinux to find out in our in-depth #interview with Ikey and his new venture @lispysnake!

Destination #Linux 153 - #Linux Mint 19.3, #GNOME, #Purism, Life is Strange 2, #FUSE Goes Closed Source

Topics covered in this episode:

#Linux Mint 19.3 Released
Dual GPU Improvements Coming to #Gnome
#Purism Announces #Librem Server
#FUSE For #macOS Goes Closed Source
Life Is Strange 2

Software Spotlight, Tips & Tricks
#linux #podcasts #ubuntu

What are the biggest Linux topics of the DECADE?!

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What are the biggest Linux topics of the Year?!

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@unklebonehead I have not had the time to explain how I do it or make a video about it yet. I will be doing it soon its in the short list of content to make.

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