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OBS Studio, Compiz, , , MX , Flaw, 95 App, & more on Ep.55 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also: Taskbook, Security Hole, LinuxTracker Issues, Easy Anti-Cheat, 6 Years, &


AMD Radeon VII, Plasma 5.15, LibreOffice, Fedora, Flowblade, SystemRescueCd, & more on Episode 54 of @TuxDigital's @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL54: Retail Store, Mobile , 3.32 Beta, Redcore & much more!

Kodi 18, Firefox 65, Lutris, Linux Mint, Makulu, Alpine, Tails, Pine64, & more on Ep. 53 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL53: Akira, Olive Video Editor, LosslessCut, @System76 Darter Pro, @thepine64 PinePhone, PineTab, Pinebook Pro


Episode 53 of @ThisWeekinLinux is going to go LIVE in a little over an hour, 3PM Eastern! Don't Miss It! -

Destination #Linux EP106 - Privacy Parrots -

on DL106: Parrot 4.5, #KDE Plasma 5.15 Beta, #Inkscape 0.92.4, #Purism PureOS Store, Tutanota, Akira Design Tool, #Firefox Test Pilot, #HumbleBundle Caffeine #linuxgaming #hacking #podcasts

WINE 4.0, LXQt 0.14, Parrot OS, , MythTV, Gitea, APT , Stable Update Breakage, TuxClocker, gotop, Potential Breakage, & more on Episode 52 of @ThisWeekinLinux!


Inkscape, Plasma 5.15 Beta, Purism, Deepin 15.9, Steam, Solus, Netrunner, & more on Episode 51 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL51: Entroware, Humble Double, Rocket League, Mozilla Firefox, eDEX-UI, postmarketOS, Android-x86, MongoDB


I am going live right now as a co-host for to discuss the digital assets project, . You can watch it live at -

I am going to be co-hosting in about 2 hours to discuss the digital assets project, @tari. You can watch it live at -

Humble Book Bundle: Python 2019 - Get ebooks like Interviews, Python Machine Learning By Example, and Clean in Python and much more!

"A Story About My Uncle" is currently FREE on @Humble Store! - This is are really cool first person platformer that is quite fun. I paid for it a while back and it was worth it, so free is totally worth it! :D

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