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Destination #Linux EP120 – Negatively Charged Positivity

#fedora 30, #kaOS 2019.02, #Clonezilla live, #Librem Privacy Suite, #firefox Addons Bug, #Dell AMD Offerings, #Microsoft Edge Browser, #Valve Index #EA Joins Khronos Group.

#linux #podcast #mozilla

If you missed the livestream of me and Gabmus from Tech Pills then you can check out the here:

We talked about which to choose depending on the usecase, it's a fairly long and in-depth discussion around that topic and a lot more.

Hey everyone, I am getting ready to go live on the Tech Pills channel with gabmus. We are going to have a conversation about which distro is the best . . . this is sure to have some disagreements. :D

Today, I will be co-hosting on in about 10 minutes (on 's ) to interview the CEO of AI! I am so excited for this episode! Don't miss it! -

30 Beta, Linux Journal, Foundation, GIMP, Chef, Sabayon, , & more on Ep62 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL62: , Linux Mint, DeaDBeeF, Strawberry, , Wayland, Purism and more


I was recently interviewed on KNOX 107.9 FM (terrestrial radio station) about Linux & Linux User Groups.

I decided to turn it into a video because I thought it was a good interview and that you might like to check it out.

Show Notes:


GNU Nano, Puppy , WINE, @ubuntu 19.04 Beta, , Flatpaks, Snaps, EU Copyright Directive, & more on Ep61 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL61: @ubuntumate for Raspberry Pi, Epiphany, , , , -


MATE 1.22, Google Stadia, Firefox, KDE Falkon, Openshot, Zorin OS, CrossOver, & more on Episode 60 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL60: Samba 4.10, Atari VCS Delayed for Hardware Upgrade, Update on the EU Copyright Directive, Sale, Epic Online Services and a tangent on why I dont like Epic Games


GNOME 3.32, Solus 4, Sway 1.0, Touch, Send, Audacity, KNOPPIX & more on Ep.59 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on : SouthEast Linux Fest , Lakka, WireGuard in NetworkManager, Fider, TLP, Mesa 19.0, Linux Foundation Announces CommunityBridge Platform, Debian Package Maintainer Steps Down,


Wireshark, OS, man-pages, , Minetest, Omits Linux, DAV1D, & more on Ep.58 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also TWinL58: Pardus, 4MLinux, Condres OS, Thunderbolt 3, Blade Symphony, Indie Bundle 20


Good news and bad news for today's @TuxDigital stream

Bad news: @ThisWeekinLinux will be postponed until tomorrow afternoon. I had issues with scheduling this week so TWinL is not ready

Good news: still streaming today to test new GPU so streaming 2x this weekend 😎👍

Linux Kernel Flaw, Rumor Debunked, , Geary, , , & more on Ep.56 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also TWinL56: Flathub Changes, Alfred, EasyOS, BackBox, Delayed, Linus Torvalds on , Redis Labs


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