12.9K new users on mastodon.social this week. Don’t know off-hand how the numbers for the fediverse at large look


@Gargron it is thanks to mass exodus from Indian Twitter 😁

@KaonHunter @Twilightfairy @Gargron social activists and people from marginalized communities being suspended. And lack of action against genocidal hate speech

@NyxCom @Twilightfairy @Gargron Are there some (English) links? Was there a special call to join Mastodon?

@KaonHunter @NyxCom @Gargron yes there are several tweets. But I think it started on WhatsApp by a group of us discussing this issue.

@KaonHunter @Gargron yes twitter has become extremely biased towards liberals sharing facts & has been suspending Id's without giving reason or redressal. Doesn't suspend hate and violence spreading RW handles. Gives verification to right wing fanatics with 20 followers but doesn't to minorities.

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