As 45 visits MN on Monday, we will collectively host a peaceful rally outside Nuss Truck and Equipment in Burnsville starting at 11:30am (anticipated time of arrival.)

Please come out and show your solidarity for all of our communities that this administration has affected and impacted.

This past week 45 has attacked Congresswoman Ilhan Omar by inciting violence towards her, her family and community...

Citizen Participation vs Class Power: Thoughts on community organizing - Organizing Work

Ray Valentine talks about the limitations of the community organizing model. About five years ago, after a friend told me...


"How will any global recession emerge?  The most likely pivot point is corporate debt.  Since the end of the Great Recession, global non-financial debt has continued to rise..."


Closing the Russiagate -

With the end of Mueller’s inquiry, our long, national hallucination is finally over. But the damage done by neocons and liberal conspiracy theorists is just beginning.


A socialist author examines the organizational model that shaped the practice of the ISO — and looks at what the alternatives might be.


Four socialists offer solidarity during the ISO’s crisis and argue for rethinking organizational models to maintain the core politics.


A longtime socialist urges her comrades to go forward with care and compassion for each other and for the larger project of socialism.


The coming out of sexual assault survivors has profoundly shaped the response of ISO members to the revelations of gross misconduct six years ago.


In the coming days, we hope to serve the wider left by devoting ourselves to reckoning with the crisis that has gripped our organization.


The Steering Committee of the ISO writes to members about a deep crisis in the organization and the steps being taken to address it.


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