Apologies to those using screen readers for not captioning photos in the most recently shared stories.

Just started using a new method to share that includes pictures. Forgot that there's options to include a description.

Will remember for future posts.

The grinding political and social crisis in reached a new stage this month when, amid mass street protests, Juan Guaidó, leader of the National Assembly, declared himself the head of state over elected President Nicolás Maduro...


Nikki Williams reports on a far-right group’s harassment of Portland socialists and how campus administrations are protecting the reactionaries at the expense of free speech


Federal workers showed a glimmer of their potential power with sickouts and other largely spontaneous actions. What would it take for to step up the fight?


Want to get involved with the Portland DSA Amazon Solidarity Committee?

Call 541-375-0805 or email us at portlanddsalabor@gmail.com.

Amazon workers on the inside are actively fighting to help unionize the workplace. Support their efforts financially by donating to the hardship and strike fund.

Fund: bit.ly/2DvRX8Y

Working at Amazon isn’t exactly what the company’s multibillionaire CEO says it is, according to an Amazon worker and member of the Democratic Socialists of America.


Zarefah Baroud, a media and communications student at the University of Washington and a writer for CounterPunch and other websites, reports about a trip to Juarez, Mexico — and the migrants she met there who are still hoping to be allowed into the U.S.


David McNally is a veteran socialist and activist, and the author of numerous books... He is the new Cullen Distinguished Professor of History and Business at the University of Houston. Ashley Smith interviewed him about the Great Recession, the weak recovery after it, growing signs of crisis in the system, and what it all means for socialists.


How do we build an independent political party? What is a revolutionary socialist party vs a capitalist party like the Democrats or Republicans?

Twin Cities Socialists will be doing a study group on the piece "Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party" this tuesday. Come join in!


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