The Steering Committee of the ISO writes to members about a deep crisis in the organization and the steps being taken to address it.

Join us for a panel discussion from various activist groups on the kind of Green New Deal we need!

There is one outstanding statistical feature of 21stcentury capitalism.  Capitalism is increasingly failing to develop what Marx called the “productive forces” (the technology and labour necessary to expand the output of things and services that human society needs or wants).  As measured by gross national product in all the economies of the world (or per person), world capitalism is finding it more difficult to expand.

If the past month is any indication, one of big topics in the next presidential election is going to be the meaning of socialism itself.

Apologies to those using screen readers for not captioning photos in the most recently shared stories.

Just started using a new method to share that includes pictures. Forgot that there's options to include a description.

Will remember for future posts.

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