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In an effort to help our hurting sisters and brothers, this week, my AGFE local voted for money to go to an Emergency Grocery Grant for our furloughed members. If you are federal worker needing assistance, be sure to check out the Resources for Financial Assistance that AFGE has pulled together.

Danny Katch looks at the lessons socialists can take from how activists helped to shift Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to vote against funding the agency she wants to abolish.

The vast majority of marijuana legalization efforts are excluding certain groups including those with previous convictions for any related charges from being able to open a legal marijuana business. They don't have to say "No blacks", the end-result of rules are exclusion.

Kris Parker and Peter Ruhm report from the picket line in Los Angles about the high stakes in a historic strike by teachers against a charter school operator.

"Just last night, there was no end to the government shutdown in sight. But when airport workers started calling in sick and raising the threat of a strike, everything suddenly changed."

Imagine what else we could do with sustained organizing efforts.

Michael Roberts takes stock of the state of the global economy while the rich and powerful meet at for the World Economy Forum. Rising income inequality, climate change and political crisis.

Rossana Rodriguez is running an independent socialist campaign for one of the 50 seats on the Chicago City Council, where the Democratic Party machine has ruled over a one-party state for decades. In a city where the status quo means budget cuts, under-resourced schools, racist police violence and the greed of the city’s super-rich elite, hers is a voice for the 99 Percent.

Jesse Hagopian is a Seattle teacher, anti-racist activist and co-editor of Teaching for Black Lives who helped organize the founding actions of “Black Lives Matter at School.” He talked to Danny Katch about the importance of this year’s BLM at School week of action, set for February 4-8, as the initiative spreads around the country.

Brian Ward provides the backdrop to the viral video of a confrontation between a mob of Trump-supporting white high-school students and an Indigenous elder.

Steve Leigh reports from Seattle on angry protests against another police murder, which are being led by family members of other victims of the department.

Last night, United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) president Alex Caputo-Pearl announced that a “vast supermajority” of union members had voted to approve the settlement reached earlier that day with the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) following a dynamic one-week strike that won overwhelming support across the city...

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At GEO (, we've been critiquing the NPIC in the worker co-op movement for quite awhile now. We've run articles and conference seminars on it. It was a big topic of conversation at our recent retreat.

If either or you want to talk strategy/tactics for ways to deal with/push back on the NPIC, just let me know. We love connecting with like-minded people and orgs.

Here are some of my personal thoughts:

Jan. 19 is the date for the now-annual Women’s Marches across the country. In the face of several challenges, including the cancellation of some demonstrations, activists are nevertheless planning to march — and in many places, this day will be a reflection of the anger and frustration that people feel about the Trump administration all year long

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