one tab pornhub, one tab UESP, one tab, one tab ebay bid for sleeping bag with a worm in it

watching a video about animation cliches and this guy is like "I think this one started with Shrek (2001)" and then moments later uses Toy Story 2 (1999) as an example.

my takes on this site are universally acclaimed. it's pretty impressive

Apparently while I was gone someone that I followed changed to another instance which dissolved when the admin turned out to be a creep and they don't seem to have returned to the platform. So it goes

First image reply to this toot that isn't bad becomes my new icon

Well these past 10 minutes have been real. Gonna go listen to heavy metal music at a low volume

Imagine having an emotional dependency on tumblr of all places

you kno what i dont appreciate. calling cops pigs. why would you sully the name of my species like that.

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