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sorry to the person who @'d me in a post on december 8, i only log in here every week and a half

imagine seeing an account named peestuck and not blocking it

*spins again* danganronpa...hornyposting (repeats this result several times in a row)

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@TwitchyTyrant its meant an opensource, federated, alternative to twitter

how many people logged onto this website in the move from tumblr without knowing a goddamn thing about what purpose it's meant to serve

y'all like *looks at list of shitpost material written on hand* ... bagpipes?

one day some of you are gonna say something embarassing in public and it's gonna be because this website conditioned you to think that saying whatever bullshit comes to mind is a good idea

Who is Jack and what do you want him off of

realized i was accidentally listening to ambient noise alongside this splatoon all star remix

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