. Or should it be ? I hope you remember me, I certainly haven’t forgotten you. I know things got bad, honey, but I still believe in us.

Come back.

I know, I know, you don’t like my friends. I know how you don’t like it when I let them sleep on our couch, or your side of the bed, and I know I kicked you out for weeks at a time whenever you got angry about that.

But have you considered the fact that they are..... human beings?


Heady, I know, but it’s true. But who are we to judge them? They were born, once. You and I were born, too. We have that in common. So what if they’re Nazis? Really, I don’t think we should be dismissing people we have so much in common with. I want our apartment to be a place that embraces a variety of perspectives.

I mean, Elon Musk hangs out here sometimes! Elon Musk! Did you know that one of his rockets actually took off, once?

We have people over here who do *podcasts*. Podcasts! Who can do that?

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