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the death penalty 

Charlie Kirk, Founder, Turning Point USA is promoting the Deep State conspiracy theory because our current political landscape is a cruel joke

> people don't check facts anymore

they never checked facts, they just believed what was in the papers

death to . . .

death to . . .

my grandmother, a nurse, who saw Trump's latest speech, literally said it sounded like he was undergoing congestive heart failure

Some wise words from the President of the United States in his newest speech:

"Your campaign of terror murder, mayhem . . . will not . . . be tolerited . . . any longer; it will not . . . be allowed . . . to go forward."

"These historic accompliments shades . . . are strategic priorities, these are accomplishments that nobody thought were possible."

why did trump sound like he was about to cry throughout that entire speech

dismantling the notion of "supporting the troops" in 2020 

@thenomad I'm just sick and tired of criticizing fundamentalists, when I say that perhaps you shouldn't base your government and livelihood on every single word in a book that says you should stone a woman to death who isn't a virgin when she is married, then resulting in dense Christians acting like I'm personally attacking them.

You could worship a head of lettuce for all I care, so long as you don't shove it down my throat; don't cry "freedom of religion" at me. I get the same rights as you.

Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of the 1993 film "A Wall of Silence?" I've been studying the Dirty War a good deal lately.

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