I think I have an equal spread, but I got bingo on my bottom card and didn’t on my top one >.<

Ngl I really want a pair of these so bad; they’re cute and I love converses in general

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Converse introduces trans-themed sneakers for Pride. abcn.ws/2XAXZwe

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You can now play my first little RPGmaker game here!!

🐕 tuyoki.itch.io/escaped-chasm 🐕

Story/Art/Animation by me
Cutscene Sound Design by @Fat_Bard@twitter.com
In-game Music by @tobyfox@twitter.com
TV-scene Music + Sound design by @hamesatron@twitter.com
Super special thanks and help by @Archeia_Nessiah@twitter.com

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Whelp fuck, I guess I’m going to FWA now

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Ahoy mateys, the Mystery Guest is revealed! Furry Weekend Atlanta is beyond excited to welcome @MysterySkulls@twitter.com to rock the boat and make waves on our Main Events stage on Saturday night! 💀

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I actually finished my new pc like an hour before this started; mini ITX, I5, gtx 960 and 2.5tb of storage

Oh hey! I was here also; it was a retro styled lan night but with all modern PCs so everyone had good enough specs but there were a few compatibility issues

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The LAN party I went to the other night was pretty great.

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Oooooooo finally a good aftermarket (and hopefully PC compatible) genesis/Saturn conteoller!
RT @RPGSite@twitter.com Additionally, Analogue has teamed up with 8Bitdo to release the 8Bitdo M30 wireless controller. Up for pre-order in black or white with a $24.99 price tag, out February 28, 2019.

Black: amazon.com/dp/B07HB1XFQW/?tag=
White: amazon.com/dp/B07HTGNRXG/?tag=

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Bump for the morning crowd; I also finally installed the nardi wheel I’d been hoarding for years

550$ on new front suspension parts, but damn if they aren’t shiny and extremely nice for what they are, and I can’t wait to get them installed this week!

(minor Undertale switch spoilers) 

Joke, but right in the feels about Toy's R Us 

minor injury; blood 

Butt most of all
RT @LiamBarrak1999@twitter.com so I just found out that Okami has an unlockable skin which makes Ammaterasu look like this

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Only real gamers remember the time sonic was pasta X3
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A few of the other cosplays I’ve stopped for photos of so far; magical girl T-Rex, a really cute sylveon cosplay, thatcher from r6: siege(fookin laser sights!!), and a cute Kiki cosplay

Of course any car related stuff here is gonna catch my attention, and this nsx and gt86 are great to see on the floor! The gt86 is done up in itasha (plastered with anime characters) and the guy is from TX!

Gonna thread any pics from the con here! When we first came in I immediately gravitated towards a few cosplayers of my current fave Netflix show, Voltron! These two are playing Shiro and Pidge


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