I also really don’t ID with this sona a ton anymore, but I am in the process of making a new sona that I ID with a lot better, so stay tuned for big updates regarding that!

I know I’ve been quiet on here recently, and I’ve missed coming out day by a few days, but I think for Pronoun Day Im gonna go ahead and say I’m more comfy with they/them pronouns rather than he/him ones, as I’m working thru some personal questions on gender ID and presentation!

Finally, the vintage American stuff and wacky things; the foxbody towing a drag mower definitely qualifies as wacky in my book! @ Circuit of The Americas instagram.com/p/B1jCTcbHBzs/?i

Now for the weird and exotic; dual matching 308s were the highlight of the show for me, and my roommate looked at me like I had a 3rd arm when I said the Lamborghini SUV is kinda ugly @ Circuit of The Americas instagram.com/p/B1jCBYZH94T/?i

Finally getting around to my monthly cars and coffee roundup! First up here are a mix of makes and models, but they’re all Japanese so that’s at least something they all have in common! @ First Texas Honda instagram.com/p/B1jBnzPHIYm/?i

Took a couple of pics from my ride downtown a few nights ago; I low key love how this vintage trek is turning out with the switch to modern bars and 9 speeds in the back! Next upgrade is indexed shifters for the… instagram.com/p/Bz7SktPHFHZ/?i

Ok, here’s my monthly post of cars and coffee cars! The local bmw guru mechanic brought out a lot of fun cars this time, with a 2002 touring and batmobile 3.0 csi, and there were some interesting exotics and… instagram.com/p/BxqxU3CnbZ_/?i

Memes are starting to become a weird version of like a 21st century mixtape, designed to share around and not only gain notoriety for a meme format but also anything tied to it, from epic sax guy to screaming cowboy dude

And don’t even get me started on “ladies and gentlemen; we got em”
which singlehandedly got me into breakbot and changed my whole view on ways to use suboptimal recording techniques to get a crunchy sound for artistic effect

I straight up unironically dig “shooting star” memes for the same reason I love Jojo “to be continued” memes; both songs are bops that were underappreciated before becoming meme culture

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y'all I have a confession I sincerely love shooting star memes

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@Irina@fedi.lynnesbian.space @lynnesbian is that what happened last night? In the middle of doing some paperwork Firefox basically broke every add on at once on my browser

@maffsie oooooo making me think real hard abt jumping ship to queer.party as the home for my main!

on ambient racism 

Cartoon feet 

Cartoon feet 

@CosmoSnowmew honestly yeah i was kinda hoping that communities would sprout out of instances towards specific topics, but being unable to view specific community timelines except the one you're in unless you have an alt on that specific instance makes it a lil less feasible

@lynnesbian aww, on one hand im sad i missed it, but on another im glad i missed this malevolent force of a shitpost cuz it would have killed me instantly seeing it

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