Chris at work is amazingly quotable. I’ve tweeted things he’s said in the past, but today’s is a gem out of some emo villain’s handbook:

“Today is a miserable day, I might as well do miserable things.”

@Gargron I love polls, using them all the time! I have a bit of a problem where my polls end in draws a lot.

Would it be possible to make it so that if 2 options have the same amount of votes when the time ends, it would change to say “closing soon” and continue to accept votes until there’s a winner?

Or perhaps allow the poll maker to provide the final vote?

You know how Game of Thrones got famous for taking characters everyone liked and then just unexpectedly, gruesomely killing them?

Same, but with the show itself.

Number 1 thing I want from Mastodon: emoji reactions.

Number 2 thing I want from Mastodon: pizza party summoning.

Where can you see a list of people you block and mute in Mastodon?

@WAHa_06x36 I have to say, every time I use another Mastodon client, Twitter or even Mastodons web client, I always miss the reply map indicators on the timeline.

I love being able to look at a toot on my timeline and instantly know if this is the start or middle of a conversation and if people have things to say about this particular toot.

I was a bit unsure on it at first, but I quickly got the hang of it, rode it to work and back no problem. Got myself a new not-garbage helmet straight away though.

Tomorrow I shall ride it to work, see if the headlight is worth anything 😼

Alright, trying this scoot scoot business again. This time, the seller is in Australia, sells a lot of this kind of stuff (and this brand stuff) and it comes with an Australian plug, so less hassle for me. (Hopefully)

Whoa, been a while since I’ve checked out Penny Arcade, Gabe’s hair is out of control!

Holy shit, Woolworths Hobart got a big renovation, they now have 24 self serve kiosks, 4 traditional lanes and 8 express lanes

@David hi, I just found out about but I’m having trouble figuring out how I actually use it... can I somehow add it as an instance and follow Twitter users, or something to that effect?

A lot of work was put into this patch job to cover up the hole to under the house left by the install. Oh, and this one step is noticeably taller than all the rest. I’m totally going to remember that when I’m stumbling in at night.

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So, after 7 full work days, my new front door stairs are “finished” and well, I’m glad I’m not paying for them. The gaps between the steps are already full of leaves and crap, just like I predicted. (pic 2)

Every gap is filled roughly with putty, it’s everywhere. Oh, and the handrail posts are thicker than the handrail, so it’s cut shorter to meet the rail… well, sometimes. (Pic 3,4)

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