The only thing worse than expanding government powers under the precedent of "public health/safety", Is doing it based on the precedent that "it's for your own good."

This is clearly targeting small time entrepreneurs and the lower-middle class earners, taxing money that these people already paid taxes on! Let's go brandon!

I just don't understand the thought process of trying to gain a small number of fans or customers by alienating everyone else.

Someone help me understand.

If Omicron is more contagious but less severe than the previous variants, vaccines best protect against severe disease (don't do well as a prophylactic), masks have almost no mitigation efficacy (unless you are wearing N95+, which no one is), you can still test positive up to 3 months after contracting COVID, natural immunity works well, and easy recovery from being infected gets us to endemic stages.....Than what is the purpose of all the mandates and passports?


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