Here is a thread where I give my point of view on Mastodon. In fact, I'm fed up of Mastodon dramas about moderation, Gab stuff... Don't get me wrong; fascists, racists, white-supremacists (non-exhaustive list) should go eat their shit and die.

Structurally, Mastodon gives too much power and responsibilities to instance administrators. Instead of putting them in a position of power, Mastodon should give more power to users by allowing them to organize the way they want and enforce their own moderation rules. For me, a Mastodon instance should be a computing resource (a server) meant to host user contents and no more.

Mastodon instance should put power on users, not on the administrators. Mastodon should make people able to create public and/or private groups in which they are free to enforce their own social rules (moderation, visibility...). Mastodon instances should be tools like hammers, not services. A software should not enforce social rules by default because social life is not data driven.

A software like Mastodon should give people power; the power to organize by themselves, power to be themselves. I dream of a social network where I can visit a friend and then go to a party without having to take public transportation. Social networks have to break real life gates, should invent another way to be social, should put power on each individual.


OTOH, Mastodon give the admin the power to establish a democratic system if they want to. By writing some voting software around the existing ban mechanism, one could achieve that.

I refuse to put such trust on a single person who already has to much power.

Well, though I strongly believe in self management, I don't think imposing it is wise.

To clarify things, I believe self management can only work through consent. So if people don't want to manage themselves, you cannot force it onto them. They will be more comfortable in a somewhat constraining environment.


@ScriptFanix that's the exact idea behind the possibility to create private groups.

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