Here is a thread where I give my point of view on Mastodon. In fact, I'm fed up of Mastodon dramas about moderation, Gab stuff... Don't get me wrong; fascists, racists, white-supremacists (non-exhaustive list) should go eat their shit and die.

Structurally, Mastodon gives too much power and responsibilities to instance administrators. Instead of putting them in a position of power, Mastodon should give more power to users by allowing them to organize the way they want and enforce their own moderation rules. For me, a Mastodon instance should be a computing resource (a server) meant to host user contents and no more.

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@U039b isn't there different roles for moderation and administration on instances? Or are you pointing out the imbalance between the two roles?
I have no idea what the situation is, so just asking because I'm genuinely curious! :)

@stragu those two roles exist. As I said in my thread, I think that admins have to much power and Mastodon does not give people a way to enforce their own social rules by creating private groups.

For groups it would need some développement, but if we did setup anyone to be admin on an instance, would it be like expected in terms of governance?

I am not sure to understand your point. As far as I know, the software does not allow users to create something like inter-instances private groups. Am I wrong?

Yes, at the moment we have no way to make groups, but the feature has been discussed for months on github

@U039b the user-level moderation power and the idea of giving tools for organising really resonates with me, as I get more and more fed up with the direction some ~fully decentralised network projects are going. I'm specifically thinking of LBRY, which give _no_ moderation tools whatsoever, and is therefore becoming a fascist "free speech" haven – opening the door to unrestricted harassment. What a surprise, from what looks like a team of 100% American cis men into crypto...

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