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Going to try to use this a little more and be done with Twitter. I’ve said it before but I mean it this time. lol.

Hi. I’ve got nothing to add right now. Have a good day. This is the kind of content that people are missing on my twitter these days.

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I was gonna go outside and take pictures today, but 1) my allergies are being awful and 2) it's way too hot. So here are two more ladybug pictures from a while back.

The best part of this is when an official from Denmark starts dunking on the Fox News lady for all her lies about the country.



Done with Twitter. They are the worst. Sad to leave friends behind. Hope they will see the light and come over here. :blobpats:

I wish I could get even one friend on The Bird, just one, to switch over to Mastadon. The Bird is fucking disgrace and people are so obsessed with it that they can’t give it up. If I could get several to leave there and join here, I’d close my Twt account in a heartbeat.

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