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Gamers: "I hate pewdiepie"

Pewdiepie: *says the n-word*

Gamers: "WTF I love pewdiepie now"

I know I don't have many followers, but I still wanted to let you guys know I moved to @UberActivist

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Posting again. I moved to cybre.space. Follow me there. @UberActivist

Youtubers make me irrationally angry sometimes...

like no.. I'm not gonna hit the notification bell. I have a subscription feed for a reason. Go away.

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Hey Trans People and Gender non-conforming people reading this

You are awesome. Don't let anyone, not even yourself, tell you otherwise.❤️🌈

Are there actually people who set up their own private instances just for themselves... Just to have a cool handle?

How am I so lucky to not have any classes on Friday?

Woah I already have 123 posts?

I've only been here 2 days.

I'm the kind of nerd that uses Substratum themes on android.

Suddenly need to make a phonecall? Oh google updated the stock phone app, which broke your theme when you try to call someone, which crashes the app.

It's weird that Mastodon feels more lively at 3 am than it was at 3 pm

Aww... seeing some sad things on my timeline right now. Not really an inconvenience to me or anything... I just want to let you know that if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.

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started to use my "Colorful Mastodon" user css again, so I made it work with the current Mastodon version
(pls read the disclaimers, out of the box it only works for mastodon.social in English but should be pretty easy to adapt)

Depression, Stupid Family Members Show more

I really like using Telegram but honestly the whole dealings around Telegram's development are so shady it's kinda concerning.

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On a scale from "Bad to Punch" to "Good to Punch" TERFs rank just slightly lower than Nazis.

I'm re-watching Psycho-Pass and gonna use that to ease into season 2 since it's been forever and I never watched season 2.