¡El protocolo de ayuda mutua de Unizon ha entrado en su fase de prueba del modelo alfa! El modelo ideal de la próxima generación se está convirtiendo en una realidad.

Unizon’s mutual aid protocol has entered its alpha model testing phase! The next-generation ideal model is becoming a reality.

El concepto de Unizon no es una historia hipotética. Aunque en diferentes industrias, se han establecido modelos de negocios similares. Asimismo, Unizon tomará efecto en la realidad.

The Unizon concept is not a hypothetical story. Although in different industries, similar business models have been established. Likewise, Unizon will take effect in reality.



UZNからUnizonトークンへの交換は、2018年12月10日 9:00 UTCまでに完了させてください。期日を過ぎるとUZNが持つ全ての価値は消滅します。


To all Unizon token holders,

We have started exchanging UZN to Unizon tokens from the Unizon official wallet. At the same time, trading on the decentralized digital asset exchange, Waves, will begin.

Please complete the exchange of your UZN tokens to Unizon tokens by December 10th 2018 9:00 UTC. If you surpass this deadline, your UZN tokens will disappear.






Applications for the replacement of UZN to Unizon tokens will start on the Unizon official wallet at the same time as the change to Waves. In the meantime, please transfer your Unizon tokens deposited to SolideX back to your Unizon official wallet.

Unizon official wallet: myaccount.unizon.io/login

This move to trade on a decentralized digital asset exchange (DEX) will contribute to Unizon's global recognition once again!

On November 8th, 2018 at 9:00 UTC, the UZN tokens will change its trading platform from SolideX to Waves.
Along with this change, the current UZN tokens will need to be replaced with the equally-valued Unizon tokens issued by Waves.


At Unizon, we are increasing our cooperation with adjusters and auditors! They will be provided with UZN tokens which include a lock-up period, but not in large amounts. Therefore, each entity is looking to buy the tokens directly from the open market.

UnizonはコンソーシアムネットワークにHyperledger Fabric を採用しています。コンソーシアム型ブロックチェーン技術は、その業界のあらゆる利害関係に公平性をもたらします。だからこそ、短期的な損益に囚われず、長期的な利益をともに築きましょう!

Unizon utilizes Hyperledger Fabric for its consortium network. The consortium blockchain technology provides fairness to vested interests of industries. As such, let us not focus on short-term gains but build long-term benefits!


The UZN tokens have started trading on SolideX! The interest in the Unizon project will now directly reflect on their market value. The value of the UZN tokens is limitless! Let us grow the UZN tokens together!

UZNトークンの上場日時が決定しました!2018年9月27日 09:00 UTCよりSolideXでの取引が開始します!ようやくこの発表を行う事ができました。辛抱強く待ってくれたトークンホルダーに感謝いたします!

The date of UZN token listing has been decided! It will start trading on SolideX on September 27, 2018 at 09:00 UTC time! At last, we can make this announcement. We appreciate our token holder’s patience with us!


Apparently, the Unizon project was the focus of attention at an investors' community. Due to this, Unizon and the UZN tokens are gaining recognition. This is significantly good timing for the UZN tokens prior to its listing!

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