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**US charges WikiLeaks' Assange with 'computer hacking conspiracy'**

"Assange charged with conspiracy in trying to access a classified US government computer with Chelsea Manning in 2010."


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there is a poll option here, amazing mastodon.

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Im back Mastondon, almost 15 days off! I cant believe it, it was a lot .

ΒΏPor que Israel puede atacar con un misil a Syria y no parecer que afecte a la comunidad internacional?

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Some things that I have noticed since I quit #Facebook:

- My family still loves me and still talks to me
- Old friends from high-school still talk to me
- Old friends from college still talk to me
- I still meet new people
- I still make new friends
- I still shop at local businesses
- I'm still aware of events in my community

Huh, it's almost like I never needed Facebook in the first place.

Download or stream over 100 avant-garde LPs from the 1950s to 1970s [MP3]:


🎼 :underheart:

"Music Theory Concepts:

This is a database of excerpts and complete musical compositions by women composers. The music is categorized by theoretical concept for use in music education."


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"Anybody who thinks money will make you happy, hasn't got money." - David Geffen

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Teaching digital security to your friends and neighbors can leave you with scant time to keep up with the latest security news. Luckily, EFF curates a list of blog posts and resources for the security-minded. sec.eff.org/blog

I just read that my girlfriend and my only friend besides her talk shity things of me. They were talking of how I made their lifes worst. He also said that I was to weak to kill myself. And she said things that hurts.

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Facebook is trying to offer a really terrible Patreon-style service (which will take 30% of all income 😟 and permanent intellectual property rights to anything uploaded even if you leave the service 😱 ).

A number of people asked about free open alternatives. You might want to look at:


Open Collective

Any other suggestions?

#DeleteFacebook #Donations #Crowdfunding

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I've finally created an Pixelfed account: pixelfed.de/dubst3pp4 (@dubst3pp4)
But I was not able to find an client that supports Pixelfed?!

At least there are spiders in my window and that make me happy.

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