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how the language changes our world? using a different language changes our reality?

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Mastodon= No trackers. Thanks Mastodon.

I enjoy discover and use web browsers, now I´m using Epic Privacy Browser and I must say I had liked so much.

I want to help to translate a video into English, I'm afraid about possibles mistakes but could be a great adventure.

two days since I shared an album, today we are gonna have another one. Today will be some ambient- electronic- dub album.

is it invidio safer than youtube?

or it´s just a front end with the same google issues

Anyone knows?

Do you like to play? Did you know that are amazing that you can play in your ?

there are also strategy games, there are a lot of categories.
( :v )

I was thinking to contribute here in Mastondon with something that I enjoy so much, I love music, I enjoy to travell throught experimental fields, so I think that the travel must continue in Mastodon.

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