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Evan Minto @VamptVo@mastodon.social

Clearly there's a new wave of people moving to Mastodon. Lots of pundits wrote it off as irrelevant when the first wave of people switched and found it lacking.

But unlike centralized, for-profit startups, Masto doesn't require constant growth and capital to stay alive. It doesn't require one big wave, because it can survive and grow through multiple small ones.

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@VamptVo Yes!
I'm so glad it exists and the people here seems less toxic than those on the bird site.

@VamptVo as long as there are contributions to the software itself decentralized things can't really die IMHO.

@VamptVo "non-for-profit" and "de-centralized" are concepts so alien to their minds, those pundits can't even begin understanding how mastodon works

@VamptVo I wonder if today's Women's Boycott of Twitter will bring some new voices our way.

@Nezchan @VamptVo Nothing will happen. The amount of people boycotting most likely represent less than 1% of the female Twitter users.

@Nezchan @VamptVo male boycotter here. I uninstalled that other app this morning. Been contemplating it for a few weeks, honestly. It's gotten so darn toxic over there.. This is my first post here, but I look forward to exploring this community further. Based on the terms of service alone, I think I'm going to like it.

@ILiveWithMyDad @VamptVo Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy your experience.

My problem with leaving Birbsite entirely is the fact that there are still a lot of important women's voices, activists of various sorts, PoC folks and artists that I follow that haven't jumped ship, at least not yet. I don't want to sacrifice those folks as much as I wish they'd sign up too.

@Nezchan @ILiveWithMyDad I highly recommend Twidere and similar apps that allow cross-posting. It's helped me maintain both of my profiles without too much extra effort.

@VamptVo In the end, open standard protocols will win. It will just take time.
Hell, XMPP is still very much alive today. Despite not being as popular as it should be.

Being too small to attract the attention of VC and big media is a feature, not a bug.

I go to the Internet to escape the real world. Having it invade the birdsite mostly ruined it for me.