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my dad got mad at me for making a joke about soldiers dying in the spaghetti wars???? What the fuck

I’ve been a bit disappointed in the lack of detailed crits in my animation class, but today we did storyboard pitches, running through rough boards and getting feedback from the class. Immensely helpful.

Jaywalking to the median while the cars have a red light. A guy drives past me and whines "it doesn't quite say 'walk' yet." San Francisco: truly a city for babies.

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Whether or not I trust someone online isn't based on if they have an anime girl as their profile picture, it's /which/ anime girl they have as their profile picture.

"He was a tall, lean man with a thin black moustache and narrow blue eyes, and a perpetual expression of distant and sardonic amusement. His dæmon was a shabby hare as thin and tough-looking as he was."

Day 11: Snow.

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Falling very behind! Day 10: Pattern. Mrs. Coulter and that goddman monkey.

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"Sophonax was as sleek and healthy and beautiful as Farder Coram was ravaged and weak." I've been reading a lot of His Dark Materials lately.

Day 8: Frail.

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Got home from New Orleans yesterday. Such a beautiful city with such fascinating and complex history. And oh yeah I ate some of the best food I‘ve ever had. Favorites: boudin, jambalaya, shrimp & grits, beignets, and bread pudding.

Did a head turn assignment for animation class. Definitely a lot I want to improve on but I'm trying to post stuff even if I'm not in love with it!

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