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I on vaguely posted about this prior, but, I haven't developed since august. I've been doing a game project and am going to be doing outside work soon and I don't see myself coming back to it.

I feel like the best move would be to hand it off to another maintainer. But also it's free to fork, of course, as the source code is open.

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@Vavassor no worries, real life happens. Will boost for visibility, hopefully someone will want to take it over/fork

@Vavassor I love that app and I appreciate the work you put into it. Good luck on these future endeavors! I hope someone takes up

@Vavassor I was actually just looking through the Tusky code since I was writing my own Java client to access Mastodon.

I could look at picking it up if you're not able to??

@kimmie @Vavassor The most important thing now (for every app) is to make it compatible with the API changes in Mastodon 2.0. But maybe it already works, I didn't check #Tusky.

@kimmie There's another contributor that wants to pick it up right now. I'd like to go with them if that's alright. Thanks for the offer, though!

And I'm sure they'd appreciate help just as much as I would.

@Vavassor : thanks for all the work. I wish you all the best !

Sorry for keeping things dead in the water for a while and being unresponsive on the @Tusky account. I'll let you know anything more as it's decided, I guess.

@Vavassor It's a unfortunate, especially cause #Tusky is still the most popular Mastodon app:

Hopefully other people can continue updating the code. Thank you for your work!

@Vavassor That's a shame -- I love Tusky, and it works great! The web client for Mastodon (at least on Android) is an _okay_ fallback, but it's not the same.

@Vavassor forking would make the nee app less famous for branding reason

@Vavassor good luck with your side projects and thanks a lot for tusky. It's a great app!

@Vavassor I'll definitely step up to do some work on it when and as I can. Thanks for making it!

@Vavassor I think it is better to hand it to to someone in the community to manage it (or, at least, manage contributors), as numerous forks would probably kill it :/