Are ellipsis internationally understood for text that's omitted?

I'm specifically thinking about ellipsizing cut off text like "@Vavassor@mast…". Does that ever get localized to another symbol, like a dash or something?

Apart from recommending using the ellipsis character instead of three periods, this is the only word I can find from Unicode.

I got a concrete answer!

Basically, ellipsis is cool with mostly everywhere. A couple places want a space before it, hong kong wants the ellipsis to be a little higher up, and bhutan goes for the rare triple tsheg.

@Vavassor MLA suggests (...) for cutting text within a citation, but that's the MLA...

@Vavassor The CLDR does include ellipsis patterns, and a brief look over it tells me that some languages do use different characters for omission. See, for example, Japanese:

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