So, it turns out this silhouette effect is very easy to get. Where the arrows get greyed out or hidden where they're out of view.

The code pasted verbatim from my program is just:



Had more trouble than I thought doing mouse raycasting against polygons, but it's pretty good now.

(Mouse cursor is where the white line is)

The blue bit on the right is a 3D brush stroke through a voxel grid. Then that shape is triangulated using marching cubes.

It has a weird blobby feeling to it. I'm planning to use this to generate some in-game structures.

I haven't done FFT yet, but what I have done is make a spectrogram from the Discrete Fourier Transform.

The audio being visualised is white noise that is being put through a band pass filter, with the passband being sweeped up and down the frequency range to "pitch" the noise.

The x-axis is logarithmic because otherwise note frequencies got scrunched up on the far left. It also has the nice effect of showing the sine clearly, though!

By the way, here's what's going on on my screen, right now!

The orange floor is the only thing with collision. The green box in the back with the magenta ellipses inside it is the "character" stand-in.

The blue and red lines are the BIH tree intervals. Although, I've no idea if they're drawn correctly or form a correct tree, yet.

This one was larger and had lots in it! It was too high up to get a photo of the larva, though.

They were doing an odd dance where they flick from side to side.

Important part of yesterday was when we came back and watched movies. My friend found a dvd called Skeleton Man and bought it on sight. The title screen was … powerful

Also, I like the Old City Hall building adjoining capitol square better than the current-day city hall.

There were a decent crowd of players at the virginia capitol yesterday for pokemon go fest, by the way.

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