I'm feeling like hindsights gotta be less than 20/20 though, because some stuff can be messed up for a long time and nobody notices.

@psych There are other languages that compile to javascript, like coffeescript and dart.

There's also the possibility of using Rust, C, or C++ and compiling it to Web Assembly now. But, web assembly just became officially supported in major browsers 6 months ago, so it's very new stuff.

Someone on switter mentioned calling statuses on their instance sweets.

They're learning.

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There's a new Mastodon server for sex workers: switter.at (see @switter for updates).

@amphetamine I think there isn't a separate fullwidth character for the ellipsis. So they just expect if you're rendering the smol one alonside chinese or something, that your text renderer would give it block-centered spacing?

I'm just guessing there, though.

I got a concrete answer! unicode.org/cldr/charts/32/by_

Basically, ellipsis is cool with mostly everywhere. A couple places want a space before it, hong kong wants the ellipsis to be a little higher up, and bhutan goes for the rare triple tsheg.

Apart from recommending using the ellipsis character instead of three periods, this is the only word I can find from Unicode. cldr.unicode.org/translation/c

Are ellipsis internationally understood for text that's omitted?

I'm specifically thinking about ellipsizing cut off text like "@Vavassor@mast…". Does that ever get localized to another symbol, like a dash or something?

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I can't think of a name for something so right now there's an ObjectLady.

She takes care of objects.

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Yo can we talk about the IAU constellation boundaries for Draco and Eridanus? Gerrymandering imo

It turns out that finding the roots of a power of four equation is a *bit* complicated.

There's a lot of methods and most of them require many cases. Or just solve using complex numbers and then picking out whichever roots aren't imaginary at the end. Which is what I ended up doing.

Finding the intersection between a ray and cone wasn't too bad. How about a torus instead?

*it's a quartic equation*

Oh no

Nothing romantic happened today. But I got a blissey in pokemon go and had a good sandwich.

And that's a success imo

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