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Weird art pet peeve:

Every edge has gotta have that wear and tear, you know? Gotta scuff that paint off, chip that wood, roughen that metal corner. Off every single edge. Including ones that wouldn't even have any reason to be scuffed because they wouldn't contact hands or other objects.

Look, I dunno why that wood's chipped when that cavity wasn't cut with a chisel. Nice and lived-in.

I also want to share the way I did the white outline highlight on the yellow icosahedron. But it's longer and uses OpenGL line rendering which I'd like not to rely on eventually?

I assumed it was going to require using the stencil buffer. But all that's done here is drawing the arrows grey without checking the depth buffer, and then drawing the arrows again, coloured on top as normal with depth checking.

This does overdraw all the non-hidden pixels once but it's so nice and simple.

I'm going to change it to use a polkadot or checker pattern for the hidden part instead of grey. I just haven't written a shader for that yet. And it doesn't affect this technique at all, anyhow.

So, it turns out this silhouette effect is very easy to get. Where the arrows get greyed out or hidden where they're out of view.

The code pasted verbatim from my program is just:



So, I've never thought to try plugging my (piano) keyboard into my guitar amp?

They both have ¼ inch jacks and I just tried it. I don't know how to play a keyboard well. But I had a lot of fun messing with it!

There seemed to be a bit of line noise, but it only became prominent on a couple of settings and at high gain.

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I love how the main-ish antagonist of dragonball super, Jiren's entire character design is:

"What if: just a straight-up grey alien, but ripped?"

Right now she's got 4 working winches holding up a test weight. And working through troubleshooting states where the winches hit their safety limits in odd places. And just generally going through getting them to coordinate.

Micah Scott's streaming work on this hanging camera bot she's been making for many months. It's really cool.

stop taking advantage of my highly-parallel behaviour

"mute" is an okay verb but there's something special about being in a chat and able to say "then silence him you fool!"

Oh no I made a bad assumption.

Oh no I made that assumption in a *lot of places*.

Quince looks like a lemon but then you cut it open and it's an apple inside. Weird apple-pear-lemons.

Put that one up there next to "slerp the quats" as good phrases that come up while coding.

Bonus Brain: functions where none of them call each other. They're islands.

Regular Brain: recursion

Big Brain: functions calling one another in a simple cycle

Exploding Brain: functions calling one another in a closed walk with repeated vertices

Okay, it's seemingly distributed again. The shrinkiness is balanced onces again.

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