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Don't you love when colour coding is off and you waste an hour on something that should have taken 15 mins.

It's time for spring cleaning.

This is hacko, I got a VGA output on ATI x600 while getting HDMI on AMD polaris 11.

Reason why I hate kids? Their constant screaming and crying.

Finally fixed that damn transparent pixel on the hat layer. 1,5 years in the making I guess.

Let's see what shit storm I did release on the server.

Forced into writing java code by association and I hate it.

The more I learn about modern java development the more stomach turning it becomes.

Shitposting lock screen while in class. Loving it.

I just realised, easter and April fools match up. I have to dig up some gold.

For the record: PD3 will be a technical shitshow.

I think I've made a mistake I could regret in ~2 years time.

That feeling when you rewrite your old code to be more readable and be just more robust.

Being bored in java school while learning rust. (like saying this in to the infinite void of the internet going to help)