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Apparently installing everything again didn't help with the "failed to unmount /old root" error😩 Hopefully it gets fixed later by an update. Wasted 7+ hours setting everything up.

Apparently Opensuse is stuck at loading basic drivers. No opensuse for me then :)

Also the RPCS3 "Failed to load sudo memory" error was specific to a game version. Other games works just fine :)

Imma try opensuse tumbleweed again. Last time I tried it, it died after nvidia driver install.

Arch has a weird problem where it would freeze when using discrete mode and booting up the laptop after a shutdown. It wouldn't happen if I reboot and use sleep only ><

Apparently Liquorix Kernel gives lower temps on the laptop 🤔. I was using xanmod and for some reasons only a single core out of the 8 cores was reporting high temps because of high usage spikes. I also broke linux so yay :_)

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Since you guys talk about 2B and dakimakura I guess I share some of my ヲタク stuff too (*ノ▽ノ)

Fuwa fuwa mouse pad for Blender and (d)akimakura © by me ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ

Keep getting "Failed to load sudo memory, consider increasing system limits" in RPCS3 on Linux. Tried the solution given by admin on rpcs3 forums but it no work😩

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Playing Nier with JP voices does help in getting good example of some words. Eg 先 (saki) used as "first" or "ahead". I was confused about it's usage but it was used in both ways in Nier Automata's dialogue.

I also updated my vocab. It now has 4 more words (very inefficient for now considering it took 13 ish hours)

I should really put more time into learning JP😩 .

Why image loading so slow on mastodon😩 (app client)

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I won't play Nier any further as I don't want to stop at the sad endings. I'll just play RE2R for now or do something else.

Nier Automata requires me to play the game at least 5 times 😩. Me no got time to play 4 more times. I'll just wait till I finish 1st year of med school to play the rest.

I'll try to play RE2 remake and Nier automata as much as possible in these vacations. Its been a long time since I sat down to play any sort of video game 😌

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