Beans in space


I really love this piece!!! OMG!!!! It's so beany.....

Life is nothing but stress all the time and I'm hoping it eases up at some point.

It sickens me what I see people let rich people get away with, especially when there's sexual interest involved.

And when you're made reliant on a wealthy person, you have sufficient motivation to not displease them, while they have no intrinsic reason for motivation to not displease you.

A commission for Chiropica, a micro among megas.

I have achieved what is known as "too long"

Ain't no chariots of fire
Come to take me home
I'm lost in the woods
And I wander alone

Hellfire, hellfire
Take my soul
I'm waiting, waiting
I'm ready to go

So Apple healthcare is screwing over @WillowGrimaude

After a while of not communicating with us in spite of them having the info they needed, after an emergency room visit of bronchitis + asthma, we finally got the ball really rolling.

They said she'd be in the system yesterday. She wasn't. They said she'd be in the system today. She isn't.

It costs $80 for an inhaler, and she needs it because the bronchitis we all have is interacting with her asthma.

Very sick with flu. Blurgh. Can't even smoke up without a huge coughing fit.

My muscles are still made of peanut butter right now, tho.


Plus the tuition from this job can pay for a couple of classes that can help me.

Honestly, tho? I feel good about it, and it's not that painful or anything. Sure, I've been dealing with lots of stress and anxiety, but that's actually really not the fault of the people employing me at all, and I'm doing *less* than my coworkers are all doing, that they're vastly used to.

I'm in awe of them, to be honest, and I hope to someday build up my body to this level. And part of that's overcoming some tough challenges.

(Plus, battering my arms is Tigress training)

My arms are 40% bruises from package handling.

I just converted this to a 16-colour indexed bitmap and honestly it works really well.

Lifted (with much help!) two and a half trucks of packages! I didn't do most of the heavy lifting, but I'm new to the job and still got a good chunk out myself.

Still, feeling inadequate compared to coworkers that can keep going for hours and hardly break a sweat.

Over time, pre-Work anxiety will go down. But right now the time right before work is my least favorite time. Anxious for work and no time to do anything else. Cant bring my phone with me either

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