The phrase "christ, what an asshole" has stuck in my mind ever since I saw the observation that it could replace the caption of any given New Yorker cartoon and be equally comprehensible.

I’m utterly and irritatingly imperfect

but I’m real and I’m true.

And I wouldn’t ever trade that for anyone’s fleeting idea of perfection.

Symphony for Coyote Choir accompanied by Otamatone, Airhorn, and Accordion

While I"m at it, I also hate how much I assign myself projects I never finish. I don't think to start. I forget, and then life distracts me when I do remember.

I'm a mess, mentally there. ADD doesn't help.

I remember the people that helped me and are good people and I really should do more for them.

I'm also clueless socially, and I'm realizing that more and more. I'm learning things, but when put on the spot, or interacting with someone I don't "get", I just... get confused. And I don't know if I'm liked, disliked, if someone is interested in talking or just paying polite interest, or whatever.

I'm kind of a mess, mentally, socially, in my life. I'm not all together. I'm one of those people that someone will warn you, "she doesn't have her shit together"

I've been working hard to get my shit together, but then I end up losing my shit over getting my shit together.

And a lot of my own fuck ups are my own damn fault, for being so damn lethargic and not acting.

I'm still 100% sold on a total reproductive strike for people my age and younger until we address climate destabilization. I can't be the only one with parents so ravenous for grandchildren that they would do just about anything.

"Dear Mom and Dad, I will never bring a child into a world that's facing total, global species collapse. Are you going to do something about it?" The options seem pretty clear at that point.

Hey I'm doing a reintroduction since new instance and new name.
Here is a list of adjectives and words which describe me:

Anarchist :ancom:
Girl :ms_lesbian_flag:
Vegan (but not "white-vegan") :vegan:
Atheist Jew (Jewish Athest?) ✡️
Emacs "Evangelist" :emacs:
Free Software Advocate
Online Privacy Advocate :crt_w_prompt:
Solarpunk 🍃
Bi and Trans
Programmer :haskell: :scala: :c_language:
Intersectionalist ally
#introduction #introductions

i smack my fists together in front of me and scream, my voice breaking, "HERE COMES THE BULLDOZER." i suddenly charge you at an unnatural speed with my legs bowed apart like a gunslinger ready to draw. i open my mouth again and the sound of a wide-open diesel engine comes crashing out. nothing could have prepared you for the Most Extreme Hug of your life

I'm honestly getting tired of living in a society where everyone is assuming the worst of each other, especially when it's people that don't know each other at all. Many have assumed the worst of me without knowing goddamn all about me, and I hate it when a stranger implies I'm lying.

When y'all get the time, if you haven't seen it already, see Carl Sagan's "Cosmos".

It was an inspirational series for me, and Sagan comes at it with life and love to explain the cosmos.

I find what he says humbling and a good way to see beyond the immediate. Plus he provides a deeper understanding of the universe, and the Cosmic time scale.

Gay people's houses are so messy cuz we don't like to straighten up.

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