So I'm gonna be spamming some images involving Amazon, the government, In-Q-Tel, and a bunch of other shit I've been also spamming to Twitter for a while now. Sorry for neglecting y'all!

I've been drawing some connections tho, and I think they spell out important shit for anarchists to see.


Politics: Amazon cryptofascism, Breitbart, Quillette 

Amazon and In-Q-Tel link 

From the Amazon Web Services cloud:

The Proud Boys are the brutality of evil

Amazon Web Services is the middle management PR Banality of Evil.

Also: they use the word "governments", not "government", and are storing a LOT of government data on their cloud. OUR data, too, collected by Palantir and other groups

Bilderberg Meeting link: Top CEOs, including Palantir, IBM, etc.

Look at their big subjects -- at a meeting only around 130 members are invited to out of ~23 countries.

Bilderberg Meeting 2019 topics:

1. A Stable Strategic Order

2. What Next for Europe?

3. Climate Change and Sustainability

4. China

5. Russia

6. The Future of Capitalism
7. Brexit.

---> 8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (!!!!!!!) <---

9. The Weaponisation of Social Media

10. The Importance of Space.

11. Cyber Threats

All of these subjects terrify me.

Palantir is there represented.

I am not.

Are you?

This is just a snippet of things

"Real things cities are offering to get Amazon HQ2:

*Chicago: Let Amazon keep employees' income tax
*SoCal: Give away $100M in land
*Boston: City employees working just for Amazon
*Fresno: Let Amazon decide how to spend tax dollars

Amazon and Palantir work together.

Palantir is fucked.

Who funded Palantir? Always: Follow the money.

Peter Thiel and In-Q-Tel contributed early on, and they're still working govt. contracts.

Peter Thiel is a Paypal connection

Palantir is considered a "disruptor" corporation, attracting:

$2.8 billion in funding
$20.5 billion valuation
$800 million Army contract

And military contracts may seem like less $$$, but government brings benefits and guaranteed long term contracts

Also: Frost & Sullivan is one of many that are fucked. Kinda random I have images in my files here, but whatevs. There's lots of corps you should track down and see if you need to boycott.

Though few of them are making deals with anyone other than the already wealthy.

What's also REALLY extra fucked: "Third Way" democrats are in on this shit.

Nearly every time I saw one of their tweets advertised to me before I blocked them, it was ALWAYS anti-left bullshit.

Stuff worded like: "We cannot beat Trump with a socialist candidate", etc.

How are they in on it? Welllllll.

They have a website too...

They plan to work with Republicans on our Cybersecurity.

Third Way was founded in 2005.

Funding comes from Democratic politicians, other center-left think tanks, individual donors, as well as philanthropies and foundations.

From 2011:

"Third Way picks up 3 new Senate co-chairs"

They're prolly worth research on themselves.

Another way Third Way democrats are collaborating with fascists:

"Six things Congress should do to Reform ICE"

"ICE needs robust reforms to ensure it carries out its responsibilities in accordance with our values."

ICE was founded in 2003. ICE is not a necessary part of how the United States handles immigration or any other thing.

Let us be clear: The fascists will not let them have much of anything.

They are opening their hands to people who will take everything and commit abuses.

They really think that they just need to work the system right, and spend ALL their twitter presence, practically, attacking leftists because they fear the loss of their economic base more.

They are worthless at best, actively stabbing us in the back at worst.

Though both are true -- they don't even see it.

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Just wanna say: These NDAs that In-Q-Tel has, all the details we aren't able to get information on -- this is frightening.

In-Q-Tel has its hands in a LOT of the internet.

And it's accumulating.

They were an early funder of Facebook, for instance.

In-Q-Tel is one of many companies that *invest* though. *Investors*.

Trace the money. Find the people that are empowering it. More need to trace these lines of supply, and then we need to sabotage

@Vedia_Lupae "looking to close the credibility gap between Democrats and Republicans" (in that 2nd pic)
wtf?! Since when was it credible to become more like a bigoted despot?

@KitsuneAlicia The best thing I can make out, is that apparently her big idea is to bring in diplomats over cybersecurity issues and the like?

The argument that political diplomats will better understand the kinds of people that would steal data.

@Vedia_Lupae By what? Saying "Secrecy is good. Let's make things even less transparent to the American people and put even more of their data on our centralized servers in the name of safety."?

Because we already tried that and Facebook failed massively.

@Vedia_Lupae The answer is to *reduce* spying on people and the data they have stored on us and make all matters of public interest public, not put extra bars on the cages that keep us from it. Without the honeypot, the need to spy in the first place is gone.

But neither of these two capitalist despot parties will agree to that because their business models rely on the honeypots.

@KitsuneAlicia The real frightening thing is how much all that data is being centralized.

And Russia's already got fucked over for the same -- and I bet got their tech from the same companies.

@KitsuneAlicia And where is the data stored? In an underground bunker?

Well, if Amazon's govt. servers are, maybe.

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