Y'all: The JEDI program under Amazon the US government, and the fact that Amazon is getting into drones.

2+2 =

@PsyChuan @Vedia_Lupae a bow takes more skill and practice but is legal in more areas.

@PsyChuan @Vedia_Lupae
I feel like we should stick to air rifles. Missing and planting a terminal velocity potato some hundreds of meters away seems... dangerous..
(also air rifles are fun)

How is this even a surprise? Pretty soon we'll probably have toilets that do drug tests automatically.

@machado @Vedia_Lupae I love that it's a patent. "Here's a novel new idea that we in no way thought about when we started using delivery drones!"

@machado Yes, yes, I get it, we're all jaded, can we start shouting from every rooftop and organizing already?

How can a citizen of a weak foreign country organize against our biggest "ally" being an evil empire, or against foreign billionaires who seem increasingly inhuman by mortal standards?

I'm only being partially sarcastic. The feeling of powerlessness over these kinds of issues might be a big influence on the current wave of european nationalism.

@machado As long as we can reach out to people all over the globe, we have power they underestimate.

As long as two people can discuss a plan, we have power.


Today I'll be figuring out how hard it would be to stop using Amazon.

Also learning about laser induced plasma channels.

@Vedia_Lupae yall arent surprised, right? The endgame for the US is snd always has been corporate authoritarianism

@sirenhead Why do people think informing others is the same as being shocked, as if I haven't been following along?

Organize and act.


they're releasing WD3 early IRL! time to mask up and hack spiderdrones 🤪


This is why I refuse to use amazon, despite my mother's insistence. Yeep!

@Vedia_Lupae A core part of going against surveillance IMO is to not let it get commonplace.

You wouldn't be thrilled if your pizza delivery guy was wearing Google Glasses or had a 360° camera on him at all times, you shouldn't accept the same from drones dropping stuff into your backyard/porch/Roof Hole Wot The Drone Drops Things Into (which'll absolutely become a thing)

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