My Birth Is My Fatal Accident
Rohith Vemula.. 17-1-2016

My Name itself is a problem
Fatima Latheef.. 9-11-2019

Both minorities, both institutional murders.

Perpetuation of right wingers.

Muslims are not the objects of anyone's political appropriation. Address the issue as ISLAMOPHOBIA and simply not harassment and humiliation to suit your comfort zone.


“My name itself is the problem, vappichi”, she told her father.

The all india topper was forced to commit suicide due to caste-based and islamophobic harassment from the IIT teachers. @jamewils @Deepsealioness

It is NOT the instition or the building that scares the Right wingers and morons who trend

It is the IDEA of JNU.

Keep up the fight, comrades.

Pranav a differently abled kid meets @CMOKerala to contribute to relief funds is the best thing happened today ❤️

was nothing less than making the already majoritarians feel more powerful about their privileges

Sanghi 1: BC It took 27yrs to grab the land on which Babri Masjid once stood

Sanghi 2: How do we speed up things for the next Masjid's land?

Sanghi 1: We should reserve CJI and Judge posts of Apex court to Brahmins until the last Masjid is demolished.

Sanghi 2: :perfect:
@VeniRamachandran @Dasbolshevik

So, i was watching this movie from in and there was no National Anthem.

Their protests bore fruit!

😃😃 The top trend on birdsite is #Mastodon @MastodonProject
And 7 of the top twelve trending hashtags on the birdsite are ones that give Modi & his troll army heartburn 😁

One of the reasons I will never support BJP is because I don’t want any Indian to feel like a second class citizen & yes that matters to me more than development or anything. If it doesn’t to you am ashamed to share nationality with you

Okay so I'm one of those Indians that stormed in here after that Twitter incident, and I have to say this is a very good platform. Some of the features I really liked are:
1) U can't see the no. of boosts (RTs) or favs (like) a toot (tweet) has got unless u open it, so it makes this more of a content based platform.
2) There are three different feeds– personal, local and global.
3) The instances are regulated by humans so reporting abusers actually works.

Why didn't I find this site earlier 😍😍

@audreytruschke so cool finding you here. Historians like you, adds sane voices to the people around.


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