Humans are still aquatic life forms. We just carry our private ocean everywhere with us. Each time we drink a glass of water, we replenish it.

In the age of #space travel, we have started to carry our private atmosphere with us into the void.

Perhaps eventually, we'll evolve to live in space without technology and replenish our atmosphere just as we replenish our ocean today.

Or we skip one abstraction level and become fully aquatic again to live more efficiently, in water-filled space ships.

Liverpool are proper crushing Man City. Complete shutdown.

Let's start like this. . Shit post. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Let's joke about ourselves. Have fun. Reach out to people, boost people. . Initiate talks, debates. Laugh. Let your hair down. Bald people let your imaginary hair down

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"Both plaintiffs No. 1 and 2 are juridical persons and plaintiff No.3 a Vaishnava Hindu sought to represent the Deity and the Asthan as a next friend."


Trolls are so boring. They engage like school kids. Would have been more fun to have trolls who are intelligent.

Did we manage to leave behind all the stand up comedians on Twitter? PL confirm.

Wow. Twitter is being policed in real-time. What a shitshow.


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